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Video Personalization & Programming

A platform that drives more views, guides your content strategy and makes your site more profitable.

Increase ad inventory and subscriber yield

Surface the right content to the right users on your sites and apps.

Asset IQ
Automated metadata structuring and enrichment.

Healthy metadata is essential to programming personalized content at large scale. Quality metadata directly impacts the quality of analytical insights. With Asset IQ™, we enrich your video metadata and create structured taxonomies. With tools such as natural language processing and auto-classification, we can create categories and keywords where none exist and map to taxonomical structures. After launch, Asset IQ™ continues to enrich your assets and rank them based on real-time information.

Adaptive Stream
Video personalization plugin.

Our clients realize a 70% increase in average monthly video views by integrating our API and personalization engine into their video player. Continuous learning of your audience’s preferences enables us to get your viewers to keep watching your content. As a result, you build loyal audiences over time.

You have millions of viewers. Now you have a unique playlist for each one.

Our platform takes your content and creates individualized playlists for every viewer – that’s one-to-one personalization. Using machine learning, it predicts what your viewer wants to watch by analyzing real-time data such as time of day, device, and location.

IRIS Vision
Prescriptive insights to help inform your video strategy.

Discover what resonates with your viewers. With IRIS Vision and a dedicated Programming Strategist, we provide you with augmented intelligence – machine learning combined with human expertise. Uncover hidden value in your archive that drives deep engagement with your users. Learn what they’re looking for and develop the right content to keep them there.

Programming rules to maintain editorial control.

We understand that as a premium publisher, you have to balance goals of increasing video ad inventory and subscriber yield while adhering to your editorial standards and business rules. With IRIS Vision, you can customize our personalization to best suit your needs.

Don’t leave money on the table.

Turn your new and returning users into loyal ones. When people easily access the content they love, they enjoy your experience, and they come back – you will maximize the revenue and margin on your owned and operated properties.

Discover the power of IRIS.TV’s Adaptive Plugin

Integrate IRIS.TV into your player in minutes or create custom UX using our Adaptive Plugin and API

Create custom UX to increase user engagement and time on site. Flexible APIs are compatible with your front end.
Example: Side-panel thumbnail recommendations.

Industry-leading results in consumption, engagement and retention
Integrated with all major video players
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IRIS.TV was able to work with Verizon on video recommendation to generate a personalized virtual linear feed for each user, which was super exciting to us and allowed a vision of ours that we’ve had for a long time now, to come to life.

Jason Friedlander | Senior Director Product Marketing
Maximize revenue on your owned-and-operated sites and apps.

Keep your loyal viewers watching your content on your site.

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